Who was Colonel Ward?

Harry Payne Ward was born in Montreal, Quebec and passed away on June 15, 1983 at the age of 72. At the time of his death, Colonel Ward resided in Alexandria, Ontario. Colonel Ward was a farmer, a businessman, and military man.  He was born in Montreal on July 14, 1910.

Colonel Ward earned a degree in Business Administration from McGill University and participated in World War II as a Lieutenant Colonel in Heavy Anticraft Artillery. As a long-time member of the Armed Forces, Colonel Ward received the Canadian Forces Decoration in 1953. Colonel Ward was the Retired President of Airwick Industries, American Branch. Air Wick was developed in 1943 and was one of the world’s first air freshener brands. In 1953, Air Wick was introduced to Europe, Canada and Australia.

Throughout his life, Colonel Ward was moved by the plight of vulnerable citizens and abused and abandoned animals.  He created the Foundation bearing his name in November 1976 and served on the Foundation Board until his death.  The Harry P. Ward Foundation continues to fulfill his mandate for charitable giving.

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